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Mold Testing, Removal & Remediation

Finding mold can be worrisome and mold removal can be challenging without the proper equipment and cleaners. At Heroes Restoration Inc., our mold professionals take the intimidation out of mold removal by educating our clients and providing the very best in fast and thorough mold abatement services.


24/7 Emergency Response

Our heroes are available fast for your urgent mold clean up needs 24 hours daily, anytime year round.

On Site Within 1 Hour**

With the quickest response time in Central Virginia, our mold technicians are there in one hour or less**.


We're Here For You

We work directly with your insurance provider while our mold experts focus on you and addressing your priorities right away.


Certified Expert Heroes

Our professional certified technicians deliver the very best in expert mold testing, mold removal, and mold remediation solutions.

Central Virginia’s Best in Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Services

Get same-day mold test results with Heroes Restoration Inc. Our certified mold remediation experts use a 10-step approach to eliminate mold from your indoor environment restoring your property back to a healthy normal. Our goal is to preserve and restore your interior by following EPA and ANSI/IICRC guidelines, and without using harsh cleaning chemicals. We administer fast acting and extensive mold removal treatments making your property safe and toxin free. Dedicated to our clients health and our environment, we provide ecofriendly green cleaning to treat and remove mold at the source.

So there is less disruption to you, we utilize the best mold detection technology along with 3D imaging to aid in quickly restoring your space. This helps show underlying damage allowing us to remove only what we have to in order to safely restore your property from mold damages.

    Heroes Restoration Inc. Mold Removal

    Mold Removal Services with Heroes Restoration Inc. - Call 804-410-1800
    1. Clear Communication

      We clearly communicate what will be done, answering any questions you have so you are confident too.

    2. Mold Containment

      We seal off the mold affected area with plastic sheeting to prevent mold spores from traveling further.

    3. Mold Removal

      We remove the mold and any airborne spores to remediate your air quality by thoroughly cleaning with HEPA filtered air scrubbers and vaccuums.

    4. Mold Remediation

      We use sealers to make your space more water resistant and to inhibit further mold growth, and can encapsulate the affected area which will also help with musty odor control.

    5. Mold Restoration

      If any reconstruction is needed, we completely restore the area fast often making it better than before.

    6. We Leaving Nothing Behind

      Our team will dispose of all hazardous and mold affected materials to make this process as easy as possible for you.

    What Sets Heroes Restoration Inc. Apart

    1. We Work For You, Not The Insurance Company

      We do what is right for you with the least disruption as possible and are not in bed with the insurance companies.

    2. We Care!

      We care about our people, your people, and the (non people) environment. We use eco-friendly cleaners that are safe and effective for a green clean space.

    3. Best In Industry Applications

      We use the most technologically advanced drying and moisture inspection techniques and tools to find ALL of the moisture and really dry out your space.

    4. Most Technologically Advanced Equipment

      We use HEPA filters with the highest filtration equipment possible so that the air in your home is as clean as possible.

    5. Highly Experienced & Certified Experts

      We are certified in mold removal so everything we do is to minimize microbial growth and keep the area in your home as clean, healthy, and safe as possible.

    6. We Guarantee Our Work

      We want you to be as confident in our work as we are, which is why we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    Mold Removal & Remediation Services with Heroes Restoration Inc. - Call 804-410-1800

    Free Mold Inspection

    Mold isn’t always obvious, our mold professionals use thermal image scanning to test for mold and water intrusion sources. If mold removal or mold remediation is needed, we give you a free estimate too with easy to understand recommendations. Get same-day mold test results.

    The Difference Between Mold Abatement and Mold Remediation

    Mold abatement is the removal of mold from your property and moisture correction to inhibit further mold growth. Mold remediation is applying water proofing to areas that have water intrusions or water intrusion potential, such as basements and crawl spaces. This can be done by removing any water that is present, sealing cracks and less water resistant areas with sealers, encapsulating any dirt flooring with plastic sheeting, and correctly utilizing dehumidifiers.

    What Causes Mold Growth?

    • Leaky pipes or fixtures
    • Plumbing issues or overflows
    • Poor drainage or ventalation
    • Humidity and Condensations
    • Septic Backup
    • Cracked foundation
    • Damaged roof and siding
    • Storm disasters and flooding
    Free Mold Inspections from Heroes Restoration Inc. - Call 804-410-1800
    Mold Removal and Remediation from Heroes Restoration Inc. - Call 804-410-1800

    The Cost of Mold Removal

    We are always up-front with costs and provide free estimates too! Quickly responding to your needs, we work with any insurance company and bill them directly. Mold removal costs are dependent upon the following:

    • Size of the affected area
    • Amount of damage to contain and remove
    • How much mold or water exists
    • If any restoration is needed
    • And if any remediation is needed to prevent future damages

    Why Choose
    Heroes Restoration Inc.

    Family Owned & Operated

    Proudly supporting Richmond VA areas

    Best In Industry Experts

    IICRC, IEP, IAQA, OSHA, ICRA certified

    Clear Communication

    Live agents available 24/7 to immediately dispatch help

    Eco-Friendly Cleaning

    Green 10-Step remediation process

    Immediate Response

    On-Site within 1 hour**, free estimates

    Bill Insurance Directly

    Stress-free claims, we work with any insurance company

    Family Owned & Operated

    Proudly supporting Richmond VA areas

    Best In Industry Experts

    IICRC, IEP, IAQA, OSHA, ICRA certified

    Clear Communication

    Live agents available 24/7 to immediately dispatch help

    Immediate Response

    On-Site within 1 hour, free estimates

    Eco-Friendly Cleaning

    Green 10-Step remediation process

    Bill Insurance Directly

    Stress-free claims, we work with any insurance company

    Restoration Services

    From Residential to Commercial properties, protect your investment by making Heroes Restoration Inc. your first call to stop property damage and start immediate cleanup.

    Flood & Water Damage Drying and Restoration Services with Heroes Restoration Inc

    Water & Flood

    Trauma, Unattended Death, Suicide & Homicide Clean up Services with Heroes Restoration Inc

    Whole House

    Biohazard & Crime Scene Clean up and Disinfection Services with Heroes Restoration Inc

    Trauma & Biohazard

    COVID-19 and
    Heroes Restoration, Inc.

    We are open and remain on call to help you! 

    Call today to avoid further damage! As an essential business to the community, our certified technicians are available now.

    Our heroes provide water damage, disinfection, and bio remediation services to homes and businesses throughout Richmond and surrounding areas. We care deeply about the safety of our team members and the clients we serve, and carefully follow CDC guidelines on social distancing and wearing Personal Protection Equipment on every service call.

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