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Do you want to disinfect your interior from COVID-19? Disinfecting your home or business could be dangerous, here are 3 reasons why you should hire an expert to disinfect your interiors.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Qualified Disinfection Expert

Right now most everyone is interested in making sure that their home or business is in a state of thorough disinfection. It is important that you know everything you can to properly protect yourself and minimize or mitigate the effects of COVID-19 along with other diseases, viruses and pathogens from further spread within your spaces. Hiring the cheapest person to do the job can be dangerous – you may not be getting a professional disinfection and dangers can still linger. Hiring a reputable disinfection expert is key for a thorough and professional disinfection, here’s why.


There are tried and true methods for whole house or whole business disinfection. These methods have been rigorously tested and shown to be most effective against 99.99%-99.9999% of pathogens such as common bacteria and viruses.

Reputable companies have invested a lot of resources to learn and perfect these disinfection methods. These reputable companies were either in existence before the current COVID-19 crisis or carefully learned the exhaustive process to properly disinfect a home or a business.

In every disaster, unfortunately there are opportunists. There have been reports of entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to sell disinfection services, and have started to offer such services without the proper training, materials, tools, and or understanding of how viruses and bacteria work.

Even regular over the counter disinfectants have to be used in a specific way otherwise they won’t actually kill anything. They have to be sprayed or wiped on in a specific manner, and then left on the surface for a specified amount of time. Failure to read and follow these instructions can result in bacteria, viruses and other pathogens continuing to pose a threat.

This means that someone in great need of whole house or whole business disinfection can pay for these services, expecting to have surfaces without pathogens when the disinfection job is finished, yet still have surfaces that are harboring dangers because the least expensive person was hired to do the job. This leads us on to the next potential issue…


People operate differently when they believe that surfaces have been disinfected and dangerous pathogens have been killed compared to when they believe that the pathogens are potentially all around. Generally people will become more relaxed with hand washing, doing so less frequently or not as thorough, and will also be more relaxed about where they put their hands too. 

In some cases, stores and businesses are paying for professional disinfecting services before allowing people most at risk for the coronavirus inside. But if the person doing the disinfection service is low budget, or doing a subpar job, or is under qualified, the disinfection service provided may not actually kill the viruses and bacteria. And those vulnerable patrons and visitors are still in danger and risking exposure.

Thinking that something is disinfected without it actually being disinfected can create a false sense of security, and this can create a waterfall of negative effects and liability for the store or business that hires a disinfection service that is not fully reputable.


What method is the person performing your disinfection service using to kill and eradicate the bacteria and viruses within your environment? If there is any force of air from tools used during the disinfection process, or if improper tools and methods are used, then you can have someone who ends up just blowing around bacteria and viruses all over your interior spaces.

Study after study shows that some of the most common household items are really breeding grounds for harmful germs. Many people use these items to clean other things – thereby spreading the viruses and super bugs. Think of a household sponge – people often use a single sponge to clean multiple surfaces, and to clean other things throughout their home too. This can spread the bacteria and viruses to areas that didn’t have any to begin with.

If a person performing disinfection services is not properly trained and qualified, there can be lapses in care to include improperly disinfecting their own tools and supplies. And this lapse in care can potentially bring pathogens from other places into your home or business too.

Where is the last place this the person performing your disinfection services cleaned? Was it a hospital? Do you want germs like that in your home or business environment? Invest in a professional for a thorough and proper disinfection done the right way.

Yes, There Is Cost Involved With Quality Disinfection Services

If someone comes in to a business or home to kill germs, there is a certain amount of labor and supplies involved.

It takes money to run a disinfection business, to hire and train or certify employees, to conduct research (or be a part of a research system), to innovate germ-killing processes, and more. This means that there is going to be a certain level of a minimal pricing that needs to be charged to make sure that you are well protected, that your home and business are safely and thoroughly disinfected, and that your disinfection job is done well and right.

Find Your Germ Disinfection Heroes

Wherever you live, do some research to find the proper qualified heroes with helping you take care of disinfecting your home, store, or business. You will want reputable companies who work with reputable suppliers, and who use EPA approved and in some cases patented processes. Choose to work with disinfection businesses that are careful to conduct research and find the proper solutions that will truly protect your spaces and you.

Disinfection processes are important as well. Your qualified disinfection heroes are the ones who have specific processes in place to make sure that technicians are professional and responsible between jobs, taking extra care to clean and sterilize tools so that you are well protected from the start.

If you are in the central Virginia area and are looking for a Heroes to help you with killing the germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses in your spaces, Heroes Restoration Inc. is here to help. We can get rid of lingering diseases like influenza (flu), rotavirus, coronavirus, rhinovirus, and much more. We also have a process that will help protect surfaces for up to 3 months. Call us today, 804-410-1800!

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It’s no secret that humans are good at spreading germs. Household surfaces are a common vessel to carry these dangerous lingering and long-living environmental contaminants, infecting those who come in contact. Surface contaminants are the number one cause of why people become sick, and also why sickness can reoccur.

Many bacteria develop resistance to household disinfectants and have a significant life span lasting for weeks, months, and some up to a year or longer. Heroes Restoration Inc. can safely protect your space from these dangerous germs by using an electrostatic misting system that dispenses EPA-approved cleansers with all-natural electrolyzed saline water. For the cost of a cup of coffee per day, we can protect your home and spaces from viruses like Influenza and Coronavirus, along with protection from dangerous Pathogens, Germs, and Bacteria.



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